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Template disclaimer

  • These templates are for personal use and may not be used for commercial purposes.  

  • You are ultimately responsible for the quality and playability of the instrument you build.  Do not use these templates unless you have researched for neck/bridge placement, scale, etc.. Basic woodworking skills are recommended.  There are many books that will guide you through the building process.

  • Please exercise caution when handling power tools. You are responsible for your safety. Remember, you need your fingers to play guitar!

  • 100% exact replicas can not bee guaranteed.  Laser/CNC cutting tolerances, commercial instrument variations, and other factors make it impossible to make 100% accurate templates.  Templates can be tailored to your taste by sanding the edges or moving the template around during the building process.  Neck pockets are usually smaller so they can be sanded to exact tight fight and to accommodate commercially available necks.  Laser cutter may create burned edges and/or small notches.  These are easily sanded off with 150 grit or higher sand paper.

  • GuitarSupplies is not affiliated with any artist or guitar company referred to on this website and/or auction site used for the sale of these templates.  

  • Template specifications are subject to change without notice.  In an ongoing effort to improve products, files are constantly being revised so templates may differ than those on pictures. Due to local wood supply, material thickness may vary plus or minus one sixteenth of an inch.